Monday, September 29, 2014

NATO, Cyber attack, mutual defense

NATO nations 'will respond to a Cyber attack on one as though it were on all'
NATO is set to agree a new cyber defence policy that would mean any severe ... through diplomatic channels, according to one seasoned IT security pro. ... The Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare, ...
NATO agrees cyber attack could trigger military response - Reuters UK
In case of cyber attack: NATO members ready to pledge mutual defense - Ars Technica

Wanted By DHS: Breakout Ideas On Domestic Cybersecurity
Department of Homeland Security plans to fund cyber defense research efforts to develop pragmatic tools that can be deployed quickly, says Forrester ...

This Week in Tech: Lawmakers take on cybersecurity
The Hill
The event is a joint effort by retail and financial services industries that have often sparred in the past but are joining forces to press for stronger cyber ...
Let's pass cybersecurity legislation - The Hill
Security clearances, contractor oversight, NATO cyber and more -
Cyber Innovation Center receives $5M Department of Homeland Security grant - KTBS

UK launches online course to promote security in cyber space
The free 'Massive Open Online Course' (MOOC) is backed by the UK's NationalCyber Security Programme, which is investing £860 million over five ...
Government supports UK's next generation of cyber security professionals -

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Cybersecurity, Passwords, Technology

Cybersecurity NEWS:


Beyond passwords: taking cybersecurity to the next level
The password has failed. That ubiquitous annoyance of the digital age - the computer password - has proved itself to be profoundly unsafe. People ...

People too trusting when it comes to their cybersecurity, experts say
College jobs experts say cybersecurity students like Brewer will in the future make a great deal of money – six figures, some of them. “He's a great guy, ...

Cybersecurity a major priority in independent broker-dealers' 2015 tech budgets
Cybersecurity concerns are front and center for independent broker-dealers as they plan next year's technology budgets, according to an ...


Iran still Israel's biggest threat, PM says at cyber conference
Jerusalem Post
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the fourth Annual InternationalCybersecurity Conference at Tel Aviv University on Sunday, pushing ...
PM speaks at cybersecurity conference - Jerusalem Post

Cleared Intelligence Contractors Readying for New Cybersecurity Reporting Requirements
The National Law Review
When it became law on July 7, 2014, the 2014 Intelligence Authorization Act (“IAA”) gave the Director of National Intelligence (“DNI”) 90 calendar days ...

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Protecting Trade Secrets in the Digital Age

Protecting Trade Secrets in the Digital Age Requires Extra Vigilance: "Technology allows businesses around the world to easily communicate and access data, increasing both business opportunities and worker productivity. However, this same technology also makes corporate data more vulnerable to theft and harder to protect. Lost or stolen data has significant financial repercussions; misplaced devices or server crashes are estimated to cost the average business $586,000 a year. Data theft was recently estimated to cost companies $250 billion a year, according to the National Crime Prevention Council. Intellectual property — customer lists, a secret recipe, proprietary product blueprints, financial data, merger and acquisition plans, etc. — faces a variety of threats as more businesses and employees take advantage of wireless and portable devices...." (read more at link above)

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Network-Based Steganography Threats

The Growing Threat Of Network-Based Steganography | MIT Technology Review: "... They point out that before a countermeasure that does do this can be built, researchers will need to come up with a new set of fundamental approaches to counter the newly evolving forms of steganography. One thing is for sure: the detection and prevention of network steganography is set to become increasingly challenging as the threat from malware such as Duqu spreads. Be warned!
Ref: : Hidden and Uncontrolled – On the Emergence of Network Steganographic Threats"

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Exploit Kits, The Scourge of Cyberspace

Dark Net reveals how hackers exploit vulnerabilities - SFGate: ".... Users think they are clicking legitimate links to legitimate websites, and they still get infected with malware that carries bad consequences. For example, a hacker can encrypt a users' files - documents, photographs or videos - in a "crypto locker" and not release the data until the victim pays ransom... Nearly 70 percent of exploit kits originate in Russia, where cybercrime laws are relatively weak, according to a report by research firm Solutionary. In recent years, a thriving, coordinated underground economy has emerged, a place where criminals swap cash to develop and update the kits, identify targets and rent the "weapons" for as little as $50 a day. "These black markets are growing in size and complexity," according to a report by Rand Corp., a Washington think tank. "The hacker market - once a varied landscape of discrete, ad hoc networks of individuals initially motivated by little more than ego and notoriety - has emerged as a playground of financially driven, highly organized and sophisticated groups.... " (read more at link above)

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