Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dotcom: We've hit the jackpot--FBI misconduct

From Down Under, the latest on the Dotcom Megaupload case--

Dotcom: We've hit the jackpot - National - NZ Herald News: " . . .However, the application to seize the domain names, made on January 13, 2012, did not state the earlier search warrant was not issued against Megaupload. Instead, the Department of Homeland Security application sought the help of Megaupload to track down files of interest in its investigation of NinjaVideo. The warrant application was by Special Agent William Engel and stated that the data storage company Carpathia "will work with its customer Megaupload to access content to provide in response to the search warrant". The investigation was a success and saw its central figure Hana Amal "Queen Phara" Beshara sentenced to prison for 22 months and ordered to pay $256,000 of her illegally gained money to the Motion Picture Association of America - the same Hollywood lobby group blamed for pitting the FBI against Megaupload. The access was granted after a bid by the Electronic Frontier Foundation on behalf of a Megaupload customer whose business files were lost when the cloud storage site was shut down. Mr Dotcom's US-based lawyer Ira Rothken said he would ask the US court to return the Megaupload websites. He said the discovery of the FBI's evidence of wrongdoing was part of a "trail of misconduct" stretching from the US to New Zealand which would ultimately lead to asking for the FBI charges to be dismissed. "What we have uncovered, in our view, is misleading conduct. It looks like the Government wants the confidentiality because they would be concerned their conduct would be scrutinised. . . . "

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