Saturday, February 16, 2013

Yandex email for secure communications?

Russia’s Yandex stacks up against Google - John Dvorak's Second Opinion - MarketWatch: " . . . What makes these offerings so interesting to me? For one thing, they are less susceptible to U.S. government snooping, which according to most sources, is rampant. Nobody has convinced me that the government is not looking at all electronic communications all the time. Most Americans do not seem to care about their privacy, but some do. Google shows an ever growing number of requests by the government to obtain information about all web activity of various individuals. Not that the Russians would be any better, but they are probably more like our government and more interested in snooping on their own people rather than snooping on cautious Americans. . . . Executives and investors often need secure back channel communications. It’s hard to know what is secure, but sometimes you can be secure by being obscure. Yandex, right now, fills that bill."

Cyber crime a security problem
The Australian
JULIA Gillard's nomination of cyber security as a key national defence priority has been affirmed by the startling disclosures emerging of the extent to which Chinese hackers have forensically targeted some of the world's most influential newspapers ...

Latest Cyber Attack By Alleged 'Chinese Hackers' May Be The Most Dangerous ...
Business Insider
Heads of state all across the globe have both expressed concern for cyber related espionage as well as put forward legislation to stand up military and government cyber security arms. Washington has even gone so far as to state that a cyber attack on ...

Amidst Cyber Attacks, Japan Hosts First Hackathon
PC Magazine
But in recent months, Japan has faced a number of cyber attacks, including a January attack on the Japanese Ministry that resulted in the theft of 3,000 classified documents. The hacks came after Japan purchased the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, ... Similar ...

US may use preemptive cyber strikes
Saudi Gazette
WASHINGTON — A secret legal review has concluded that the US president has the power to order preemptive cyber strikes if the United States discovers credible evidence of a major digital attack against it is in the offing, The New York Times reported ...

Saudi Gazette

Obama can 'order pre-emptive cyber-attack' if US faces threat
... cyber-attack' if U.S. faces threat. Summary: According to a source speaking to The New York Times, President Obama can authorize a 'pre-emptive strike' against a nation if U.S. national security is at risk. ... At a time where the U.S. continues to ...


US law permits pre-emptive cyber strikes
Sydney Morning Herald
If the president approves, it can attack adversaries with a destructive code - even if there is no declared war. The review came as the US approved a five-fold expansion of its cyber-security force over the coming years in a bid to increase its ability ...

Sydney Morning Herald

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