Thursday, July 4, 2013

Whistleblowers will continue to leak state secrets and protect our liberty

Security paradox: our security and liberty are now dependent on whistleblowers a/k/a "leakers" as "congressional oversight" is a joke and secret courts are nothing but "rubber-stamps"--

Whistleblowers will continue to leak state secrets, warns AP chief | Media | "Gary Pruitt, the head of the global news agency, warned Washington that it cannot control the "inevitable" flow of information to the media in the wake of Snowden's disclosures about classified surveillance programs in the US and UK. . . . "The Obama administration has made it clear that it will aggressively pursue leakers and whistleblowers. I think there will inevitably be leakers and whistleblowers, however, because there are so many people who have access to classified information." Obama's government has "gone after leakers in a way that no other has", Pruitt said, adding that the pursuit of whistleblowers has "become a much bigger issue than I believe they thought it would be"."

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