Thursday, October 17, 2013

DNS spoofing, DNS-Based Hacker Attack

DNS-Based Attack Brings Down New Victim: WhatsApp – ReadWrite: "The WhatsApp home page has since been returned to normal, but during the attack, it was noted that the Domain Name Service records for the WhatsApp site had been changed. This would suggest that the attackers had not actually cracked into WhatsApp, but had instead used DNS spoofing to hijack the web site's address.DNS spoofing is an increasingly popular way for malicious hackers to effectively obtain access to a web site. The attack is remarkably simple, and was instrumental in this summer's hacks of the Twitter and New York Times home pages. While it is not known if this was indeed how WhatsApp was attacked this morning, details from the August 29 attack on the New York Times web site would support the theory. . . ."

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