Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How A Prank Over The Next Xbox Ended Badly

Exclusive: The Australian Raid On SuperDaE And How A Prank Over The Next Xbox Ended In Corporate Espionage | Gizmodo Australia: " . . . . What happens next in the case is completely at the discretion of the investigating officers. . . . The charge he’s looking at — if Microsoft, eBay and PayPal who are at the centre of the dispute decide to press charges — is corporate espionage and dissemination of confidential documents as well as misuse of a computer and/or carrier service. All fairly serious charges that, when added up, can come down to some pretty serious jail time either here or in the US. . . “On my one computer alone, there are things that date back to years ago that can incriminate me in other cases,” Henry says, defeatedly. By his own admission, he intentionally breached several other gaming companies looking for information. Valve was one of the companies he admittedly breached. “There’s an FBI investigation into Valve from a year or two ago. They had their systems compromised by none other than SuperDaE,” he admits to us. Valve are looking to get their own back against SuperDaE now that he’s in a vulnerable spot, as are Epic Games, Blizzard and Sony, who also claim to have fallen victim to SuperDaE. For those transgressions, he probably should be worried. Right now, SuperDaE, also known as Dan Henry — real name Dylan — is in legal limbo. He has no money, no cards, no tech, no idea what will happen next. All he can do is pray to the video game gods to show mercy. “They want to ruin me,” he repeats at the end of our interview. . . "

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