Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We are already fighting an Internet Cold War

Are We Ready for an Internet Cold War? | Endless Innovation | Big Think: " . . . . Compare that to what the rest of the world is doing. Just this week, the Chinese touted plans for a "next-generation” Internet that would be faster, more secure and more flexible than anything we have in the United States. Meanwhile, nations such as Iran are busy at work creating an alternative Internet they can shut down at will. Something very interesting is happening -- nations around the world are starting to think of "Internet space" in the same way they once thought about "air space." They want the ability to see what's coming in and what's coming out - and the ability to shoot things down. Maybe the Chinese next-generation Internet is just a way to accommodate the billions of new users the nation plans to bring onboard within the next few years. OK. But you can also view it from another perspective – as a sign of America's own vulnerability in the face of a potential cyber war. The new Chinese Internet backbone includes a number of safeguards that makes it more invulnerable to the threat of malware or suspicious code. In other words, if the Chinese unleash a lot of malware on the U.S. to take out our grids, it has the potential to do a lot more damage than if the U.S. unleashes a lot of similar malware in China. We are already fighting an Internet Cold War, we just don’t yet know it. . . . "

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