Saturday, June 15, 2013

Reset of Cybersecurity Laws Needed

Cybersecurity expert says it's time to reassess laws, policies
Evening News and Tribune
Just hours before President Obama spoke to the news media on Friday about government surveillance programs and the balance between national security and personal privacy, an Indiana University law and cybersecurity expert said it's time for a true ...

Security vs. privacy
Hays Daily News
With the revelation of hundreds of millions of Americans having their phone calls, emails, video chats, text messages and online activity monitored on a regular basis by the federal government, outrage has erupted. Every bit of it justifiable, in our ...

NSA : Finder and keeper of countless secrets
New York Daily News
The agency also includes the Central Security Service, the military arm of code-breakers who work jointly with the agency. The two services have their headquarters on a compound that's technically part of Fort Meade, though it's slightly set apart from ...

New York Daily News

Security clearances held by millions of Americans
Now comes Edward Snowden, a former CIA technical assistant turned intelligence contractor, releasing detailed information on intelligence gathering by the NationalSecurity Agency that included access to phone records of millions of Americans.

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