Tuesday, June 11, 2013

US-China summit cyber-security stalemate

Cyber-security stalemate, N. Korea consensus at US-China summit
Tom Donilon, Obama's national security advisor, said the US president outlined a series of cases involving massive digital theft by entities in China, stressing that cyber-theft is now “at the center of the relationship. It's not an adjunct issue ...

China firmly supports cyber security: Chinese president
The Chinese president said China opposes hacker or cyber attack in all forms, and is itself a victim. China and the United States face common challenges when it comes to the issue of cyber security, which should be a new highlight of bilateral ...

Obama Approaches Chinese Cyber Security Issue With Carrot, Not Stick
He noted a sharp uptick in news coverage of cyber issues, saying, “this might give people the sense or feeling that cyber security as a threat mainly comes from China or that the issue of cyber security is the biggest problem in the China-U.S ...

Obama, Xi talk cyber security and North Korea at summit
Obama described to Xi the exact kinds of problems the United States was concerned about regardingcyber thievery and said that if they were not addressed, it would become a "very difficult problem in the economic relationship," said Donilon. Yang ...

INTERNATIONAL > Cyber security takes center stage at US, China summit
Hurriyet Daily News
While there were few clear policy breakthroughs on cyber security, U.S. officials said Obama and Xi were in broad agreement over the need for North Korea to be denuclearized. And both countries expressed optimism that the closer personal ties forged ...

Obama and Xi talks tackle cyber security
Financial Times
Barack Obama and Xi Jinping wrapped up eight hours of face-to-face talks on Saturday, including a lengthy session free from top officials, in an encounter dominated by cyber hacking, regionalsecurity and North Korea. The Sino-US summit, held in the ...

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