Monday, August 4, 2014

Evolving Threat, Amplification DDoS Attacks

The Evolving Threat of Amplification DDoS Attacks | Between the Dots: "...The only real way to defend against attacks of this size is, unsurprisingly, massive network infrastructure that is engineered to withstand very large volumes of traffic.  Unfortunately, this isn’t how most customer networks are designed, and it’s certainly cost prohibitive for an organization to keep scaling up the network to match the ever-increasing size of these attacks. It’s an unwinnable arms race; attackers will always have access to more bandwidth than you. Leveraging a third-party cloud-based DDoS protection service like Verisign’s is likely to provide the best protection against these attacks. Our infrastructure is scaled and architected to defend against the largest-known attacks. Furthermore, we operate a fully redundant and interconnected network backbone to help ensure a massive attack doesn’t impact any one site or our ability to protect our customers...."

More info: For more information about DDoS trends, read Q1 2014 DDoS Trends report

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