Monday, November 24, 2014

How to encrypt Carbonite data

Leo Laporte answers--

How do I encrypt my Carbonite data? | The Tech Guy: "Bob uses BitLocker to secure his data. And when he uses Carbonite, he sees that his data is unencrypted when restoring it. Leo says that as long as you're logged in, bitlocker has unencrypted the data. And when you log out, it encrypts it again. But the good news is that when you back up Carbonite, the backup is encrypted. And Carbonite allows you to make the data completely encrypted. It's in the settings. BTW using BitLocker requires certificates. So make sure they're backed up. If they get corrupted, you'll lose the ability to access your encrypted data even if you know the password. There's also a good program called SpiderOak. It works like DropBox but uses end to end encryption."

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