Monday, November 10, 2014

Voice Hackers Will Be Talking Their Way Into Your Technology

Will Siri be indicted as a co-conspirator?

Voice Hackers Will Soon Be Talking Their Way Into Your Technology:  "... this scary reality is not as far away as it might seem, as security researchers have already managed to trick Siri into letting them bypass the lock screen on an iPhone and post Facebook messages, access call history, send text messages and fire off emails. “Microphones should be disabled immediately and our current recommendation is that the user switch off features [involving voice commands],” he said in a phone interview with Forbes. “At the moment, leaving biometric technology as it is today is like leaving a computer without a password and just allowing anyone to walk by, click and take an action. “We realized there is something very basic here that everyone seems to have forgotten: authentication. If you have a smart TV at home, for instance, it will respond to a synthesized voice as well as yours.”..."

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