Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A New security model

Growing attack surfaces require new security model | TechRepublic: "Right now, most of the budget and time allocated by any organization is on prevention. Some figures, according to the RSA chairman, place over 80% of the effort on prevention, with 15% on detection and 5% on response. But incursions are inevitable. Instead the balance needs to be shifted, and this means rethinking that security model from the ground up. So what will 2013 bring us on this front? The first thing is for companies to start accepting that mobility and the cloud are here to stay. According to the latest predictions out of RSA, hackers will become even more sophisticated in the coming year, and those attack surfaces will keep growing. This means that the shift has to be done as soon as possible. In order to implement this new model, businesses need to come to terms with the fact that these security issues exist. There needs to be a much higher degree of cooperation in the industry, between security professionals, management, and IT. In an era of openness and connectivity, more focus needs to be put on quick detection and response, instead of relying on aging technologies."

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