Thursday, January 3, 2013

Computer Security Predictions For 2013

RSA's Art Coviello: 8 Computer Security Predictions For 2013 - Forbes: "In an age where breaches are probable, if not inevitable, organizations are realizing that static, siloed, perimeter defenses are ineffective against the evolving threat landscape. Only an intelligence-based model that is risk-oriented and situationally-aware can be resilient enough to minimize or eliminate the effects of attacks. So, now comes the good news: . . . 6. Responsible people in organizations from all verticals, industries and governments will move to that newer intelligence-based security model and pressure governments to act on our collective behalf. 7. I also predict a significant uptake in investment for cloud-oriented security services to mitigate the effects of that serious shortage in cyber security skills.
8. Big Data analytics will be used to enable an intelligence-based security model. Big Data will transform security enabling true defense in depth against a highly advanced threat environment. . . ."

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