Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cyber attacks the future of modern warfare (video)

Video: Cyber attacks 'the future of modern warfare', says Tory MP - Telegraph: The Ministry of Defence are ill-prepared for cyber attacks and the future of modern warfare, warns the Commons Defence Select Committee chair James Arbuthnot. "The military is now so dependent on computers and information technology that a sustained cyber attack could render weapons and even entire combat units useless, a report by the Commons defence committee has concluded."

After Aaron: how an antiquated law enables the government's war on hackers, activists, and you | The Verge: "The CFAA may have been written with malicious computer break-ins in mind, but in reality it’s used to target an incredibly broad range of activities completely divorced from “hacking,” and Aaron Swartz is only the most recent example. Framed during a time of widespread computer illiteracy when nefarious depictions of hackers dominated mainstream media, the law attempted to bring order to the new computational “Wild West” by combating unauthorized access to protected systems in government and finance. But today, the CFAA can effectively mark anyone who uses a computer to access another computer (e.g., anyone on the internet) as a felon."

Homeland Security warns Java still poses risks after security fix | ZDNet: " . . . some security experts are warning that the new software -- Java 7 (Update 11) . . . may not actually protect against hackers attempting to remotely execute code on user machines. This code, security experts warn, could be used to acquire personal information and steal identities, or subscribe machines to 'botnets,' which can then be used to hit networks and Web sites with denial-of-service attacks. . . ."

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