Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cybersecurity predictions for 2013

6 big cybersecurity predictions for 2013 | VentureBeat: " . . . Attacks using bloggers will increase - Many content management systems that bloggers use, and the ad servers they are integrated with, don’t have enough security measures to protect content created by writers and bloggers, or the ad units served by advertisers. In 2013, hackers will exploit these security weaknesses further to spread viruses, conduct phishing attacks, and steal data from the audiences who visit these websites. Virtual attacks end in human death - Nation-state attackers will target critical infrastructure networks such as power grids at unprecedented scale in 2013, resulting in human casualties from a cyber attack. Violent extremist groups have already attacked nuclear reactors, hospitals and assembly lines at automobile companies. These types of attacks are growing more sophisticated, and will soon enough lead to the loss of human life at an unprecedented scale. Rogue regimes use cyberterrorism to attack their governments – In 2012 we already saw numerous government-sponsored cyber attacks, but next year we will see rogue regimes utilize the skills they have developed to attack their own governments. . . . "

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