Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Disaster Recovery Plans

5 Tips for CIOs: Plan for Hurricanes, Hackers and Aliens? - Forbes: " . . . quite surprisingly, unlike Google, very few companies have a disaster recovery plan. A recent IT survey indicated that only 26 percent of small to medium-sized businesses do. With New Year’s resolutions top of mind, here are five steps that you and your organization should take to dramatically reduce the fallout of your next outage. #1: There will be a next time - Note, I said “next outage,” which implies there will be another outage or disaster that takes out your critical business systems. . . . The best time to start your disaster planning or to update your existing plan is right after you’ve had an outage. Every company should do a thorough postmortem after an outage that entails a forensic analysis leading up to andafter the outage. Understanding what happened and how it can be avoided in the future is critical, but so is asking, “How could we have recovered faster?” . . . #2 Focus on preventing and recovering from outages . . . "

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